Gettysburg Museum: Animated Battle Maps

Client Gettysburg Museum
Studio Second Story
Motion Designer Alphonse Swinehart
Technology Director Thomas Wester
Producer Jennifer Guibord
Writer Robert Selim
Editor Sharon Barry
Production Artist Christen Hubbard
Production Assistants Erica Dillon, Shane Farrell
Sound Design Audio Wells
A/V Integration Electrosonic
Exhibit Design Gallagher & Associates

While at Second Story, I designed and animated two seperate video projections for the updated Gettysburg Museum that summarized the troop movements, major battles, and storylines in the lead-up to the battle at Gettysburg, as well as following the rest of the war up until the Confederate surrender. Both videos are shown below.

︎ Part 1

︎ Part 2

︎ At the museum

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