Snowfall, Season 2

Client FX
Studio Filmograph
Creative Director Aaron Becker
Art Direction, Design
Alphonse Swinehart

Much like first season, the showrunners wanted a simple title treatment for second season of FX’s Snowfall that evolved over the course of the 10 episode season. In the previous iteration, the title hinted at the chemical creation and burning of crack over the course of a season. In this season, and following the growth of the lead characters’ influence and profit, I wanted to introduce banknotes as a leading piece of imagery. But like in life, nothing lasts, and toward the end of the season we see the money slowly bleed its color and disintegrate. Unfortunately after several rounds of design, the showrunners went with an internal team at FX to create season 2’s titles. 

︎ Final set of treatments for all 10 episodes

︎ One of the initial concept sketches which was chosen as a route for many iterations

︎ Banknote experimentation

︎ Various concepts and lockups based on the banknote concept and experimentation

︎ Using Cinema 4D to create accurate ink reflections during sweeps of light

︎ Other early concepts

Alphonse Swinehart   ©2023