The Good Liar

Client New Line Cinema, Bron Creative, 1000 Eyes
Studio Filmograph
Creative Director Aaron Becker
Art Direction, Design & Animation Alphonse Swinehart
Executive Producer Seth Kleinberg
Producer Troy Miller

Main title for Bill Condon’s thriller The Good Liar, starring Helen Mirren and Ian McKellan. Juxtaposed between present day shots of the two lead characters writing to each other via laptops, our mysterious design portrays a style from another era and hints at the secrets each of them have hidden – to be later revealed as a major plot twist. After borrowing a 1930s era Remington typewriter, I created a typeface (dubbed Liartype) for use in all the title cards, which appear on dramatically lit paper textures we shot. After seeing this, the director asked us to shoot an insert shot for the climactic flashback and reveal.

︎ Main Title

︎ Insert shot and original typeface specimen

Alphonse Swinehart   ©2023